Act Caught on CCTV : 3 Found Guilty

31-year-old Ramesh Lawkar, 23-year-old Rulabid Eryiah, and 18-year-old Gudbharti Kaur were caught on CCTV committing an act that left spectators stunned. Shreshchug Alkor, 41, eyewitness,  took immediate action and reported to police. We contacted Alkor and tried to get details of the act, " I was standing there on the Mt. Trafac Square signal and saw something... Continue Reading →


Truth Behind Starbucks Offer Revealed

All beverages at 100 Rs. Only at all 100 stores of Starbucks in India to mark the celebration of opening its 100th store in India. Starbucks is a coffeehouse chain founded in US in 1971. It entered Indian market in 2012. Inside reports inform that the real reason behind the celebration is to increase the popularity among middle... Continue Reading →

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